Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Pilot: There is something interesting about the concept of this series but unfortunately by the end of the hour it still was not very clear about its own identity. Based on next week's preview, this seemed to be a serialised detective drama with a supernatural/superhero twist to it. However, that paranormal angle was not clearly explained nor specified which then throws more questions to the air. Although it does serve to put the audience in the same footing as the lead. And thankfully they have got the charismatic James Nesbitt to sell the show/concept. Unfortunately for him, the people that surrounds him are uninteresting and cliche. This was very distinctively unlike any of the American superhero-based shows, and I do applaud the British for that, but they need to get a better grip of the super-side of things and explain the mythology better especially before they throw in even more plot threads.


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