A very smart stop-motion drama-comedy by the insanely brilliant mind of Charlie Kaufman. A simple story that belied a complex and deep study about humanity.

Using creepily life-like stop-animation and the concept of Fregoli delusion (which actually took a few minutes to realise), Kaufman and co-Director Duke Johnson wove together a story that compelled you to keep on watching despite its seemingly conflicted, and mildly unlikable, anti-hero.

The story plodded on slowly initially but if you paid attention, then you would have realised the brilliance of the narrative. Hint: Tom Noonan voiced all the characters aside from the two leads.

David Thewlis and Jennifer Jason Leigh were great in their voice acting, making their characters both real and relatable.

However, the real star was Kaufman and the story. Followed by the animation, and then Carter Burwell's score. Stop-animation has never been so brusque, brash and sexual since Team America: World Police back in 2004, Heck, even the sex scene was even more erotic and realistic than most non-animated ones!

Anomalisa is a film that rewards its patient viewer. Smart, oddly beautiful and strangely engaging.


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