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Captain America: Civil War [IMAX/3D]

A near-perfect superhero film that ties veryclosely with Joss Whedon's The Avengers as the best Marvel film thus far. Minor points deducted for over-enthusiastic fast cuts and weak bantering during the opening action sequence which was initially worrying, as well as a lack of any dramatic consequences or indepth thematic exploration to the "Civil War". However, major kudos to the ultimate fight - and easily every fanboy's climatic scene - in the end of the Second Act where the bantering improved much more, the brilliant inclusion of Spidey (the Russo brothers at least got his wise-cracking right) and Black Panther (can't wait for his own movie!), a strong Third Act which had traditionally been Marvel's weakest point and the lack of an under-developed villain (another weak point) was refreshing which made the story stronger and more grounded.

The Russo brothers follow-up to their excellent Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a solid winner, mixing humour,…

Midnight Special

Jeff Nichols' newest film is perhaps his most genre film to date, but it maintained his high standard of artistry and quality. Beautifully directed and terrifically acted all around (except by Kylo Ren) with an engrossing mystery that was teasingly kept under wraps until the final, satisfying - and achingly beautiful - payoff at the end.

Written and directed by Nichols, this film is a family drama masquerading as a sci-fi thriller. The opening scenes quickly established the premise and teased you enough to keep you engaged and guessing throughout. And Nichols as smartly left breadcrumbs throughout to constantly interest the audience. Sure, the exact premise is not exactly the most original, and most genres movie-goers would have guessed it soon, but the satisfaction actually comes from the actors and how the answer is revealed.

Superb acting from Nichol's muse, Michael Shannon - showing once again that he is way overdue for some awards recognition, Kirsten Dunst - almost repr…

The Jungle Book

A superbly, immersive 3D experience with amazingly photo-realistic animals that made this film utterly engrossing and a pure delight to watch! The voice cast were spot on and Jon Favreau's direction, with Justin Marks' script, layered the film's inherent child-friendly appeal with a dark, yet never overly bleak or scary, overture that made it as much fun for adults as it will definitely be for children.

The 3D-technology deployed here was astounding. It was never distracting and extremely immersive. Never since Avatar has 3D been so well utilised. Coupled with the most photo-realistic CGI tiger since Life of Pi, and multiplied it by 10 - or 20! - and you will be forgiven for thinking that you were not watching a NatGeo wildlife documentary.

Favreau's action sequences were fun to watch and the chases through the jungles really showcased what technology can do to amplify's audience engagement and entertainment. The only biggest nitpick was the final scene where the …