Captain Fantastic

The first truly great film of 2016 (that I've watched)!

A familiar yet wholly original family road-trip dramedy that is a strange and wondrous brew of what a Wes Anderson-esque Little Miss Sunshine would have been like. A truly fantastic cast all around, including all the young actors, and bolstered by strong supporting turns by George MacKay, Frank Langella and Ann Dowd. But this film belonged to Viggo Mortenson who gave a career-best performance that was utterly sensitive and mesmerising.

Writer/Director Matt Ross gave us a charming, touching and funny film that ran through a whole gamut of feelings and emotions from joy to sadness to heartbreak to love. At times it was cringe-worthily embarrassing and at times just blistering funny. The amazing chemistry and bond between the casts - particularly the children - was phenomenal and really entrapped the audience into their world.

I think this indie gem will be a shoo-in come awards season, with Mortenson in the running for a Best Actor nom.


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