Eddie the Eagle [SQ Inflight Entertainment]

An unabashedly feel good, the-underdog-triumphs, sports movie that effectively embraced its own schmaltz-ness and inspires the audience that dreams can come true. The film's strength laid in that it never took itself too seriously with a healthy dose of comedy mixed in with the over-wrought drama to tide us through its predictable 105 minutes run time.

Taron Egerton plays the eponymous with such indefatigable pluck and optimism that it was truly hard to resist not rooting for him. And Hugh Jackman...he was just being Hugh Jackman - effective in this case - but not essential (they couldn't get a real American to play a fake American?...or is that a meta joke?)

Speaking of which, it would have elevated the film if it was actually more rooted in fact.


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