24: Legacy

12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM: Undoubtedly, the familiar ticking of the 24 digital clock still brings with it the expected adrenaline rush and excitement, but Jack Bauer was most definitely missed in this first hour of the reboot. Corey Hawkins is our new hero and thus far, he lacked the charismatic gruffness of Kiefer Sutherland to adequately engage the audience. In addition, the main plot itself has so far been rather pedestrian and contrived, with plot moments and twists telegraphed a mile away. The "B"-plot itself. 24's usual politicking shenanigans holds more intrigue as it is at least anchored by the magnetic enigma that is Miranda Otto - shades of her Homeland role carried over - with Jimmy Smits and Teddy Sears being the men behind her. The "C"-plot dragged it down almost as much as when Kim Bauer met the cougars. Chloe is sorely missed. Even Teri and Nina and David Palmer and Charles Logan and Tony and Michelle...comparisons will be inevitable and currently 24: Legacy is lagging behind.


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