Transformers: The Last Knight

A typical, mindless, over-bloated, all-out sensory assault by Michael Bay that although was just slightly more coherent than the previous "Age of Extinction", it was also less exciting and adrenaline pumping than an usual Bay fare which was very unfortunate since that was the least of all expectations. 

Like the past entries, the story here was a distant third place to CGI and action, with acting a pithy consideration. Even if all that was expected, the film would have benefited a lot more from being shorter. Maybe trim off about 20 minutes and skip the whole unnecessary prologue which served no narrative purpose other than for Bay to do an Arthurian ripoff. And maybe because dragons are wicked. 

Also we could have easily skipped the ridiculous "Stranger Things" homage too and the unnecessary child actor inclusion. 

This go round the main action sequences were more human centric and less Transformers-bases action. And even less Transformers vs Transformers one which is generally what most fans are looking forward to. We barely get a good full body shot of the dinobots or the damn dragon! 

There were some attempts at humour, mostly from the sidekicks, but most were lame and off-timed. 

Anthony Hopkins and Mark Wahlberg were clearly doing it for the pay checks. At least the surprisingly best parts were with Anthony Hopkins and his C3PO-ripoff manservant; those moments at least got a snide chuckle. As for Wahlberg, one would barely even remember he could be a half-decent actor. Even his action sequences here were phoned in with mostly faceless choreographs. 

The end credits scene teases another inevitable sequel and maybe it is time to watch this franchise out of the big screen. 


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