Marvel's Inhumans

Episode 1 & 2: Behold...The Inhumans and Those Who Would Destroy Us
You know a show is in trouble when the best thing about it is the sets and production design, and the best character is a fully CGI, oversized, teleporting bulldog that does not speak and spent half of the premiere asleep. It is hard to believe that Marvel actually allowed this to premiere on IMAX last month, and also allowed Scott Buck to create and run a show which after 2 episodes looks poised to be worse than Netflix's Iron Fist (which - in the end - was not too bad).

The casting of our Inhumans royalty was good...if based only on physical appearance. However, some of the cast's acting leaves much to be desired, but at least by the end of episode 2, it does hint that they will improve once they are free from the shackles of pilot exposition. However, the cast's chemistry is obviously lacking. Anson Mount as Black Bolt has got the dignity and command, but he (and his character) seemed to exist in a vacuum. Serinda Swan ain't no Ming Na Wen and lacked the attitude to be a kickass badass. Ken Leung and Eme Ikwuakor's characters are too undeveloped and are at risk for endangering racial stereotypes. Poor Isabelle Cornish (sister to Abbie) has no direction (or was not properly directed...pick one). Ellen Woglom...still a mystery, but could be poised to be the new Skye. And lastly, perhaps the most famous name of the cast, Iwan Rheon aka Ramsay Bolton, who although looked the part, unfortunately chose to play down the menace to be an effective villain. On top of it, physically, he lacked authority and did not exude the supposed intelligence.

The overall CGI, other than for Lockjaw, was generally good for TV but will ultimately be bad in the long run as budget runs out. This is not Game of Thrones. In particular, the CGI for Medusa's hair (and even the wig Swan's wears) was stiff and silly. Obviously, the studio did not have the money to emulate Javier Barden's glorious mane in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies.

Sean Callery scored the premiere and as ridiculous as it sounds, his score his too majestic for Buck's vision.

Thankfully, there are only 8 episodes to this series. But at least the end of episode 2 does hint that the story might improve. And then, we will get Marvel's Agents of SHIELD back. Marvel should consider following Star Wars lead and dump the showrunners who are not working for them.


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