Star Wars: The Last Jedi

As part of the Star Wars franchise, this was a great entry into the mythos with major character developments coupled with good action, narrative twists and emotional relevance. However, objectively, as a film, it was poorly acted (still looking at you three Daisy Ridley the blank, Adam Driver the petulant pout and John Boyega the stare) and ham-fistedly scripted, riding on the goodwill of the fan base to cover up the lack of emotional resonance, multiple plot holes and contrivances and heavy handed mythology exposition - too much tell, too little show, Rian Johnson. And as cute as the Porgs were, it was too much blatant merchandising branding by Disney. At least we had Laura Dern, Benicio del Toro and Oscar Isaac, some gorgeous cinematography by Steve Yedlin (one moment at the end of the Second Act was simply...WOW!) and another great score by John Williams. "The Last Jedi" clearly moved the pieces to prep the stage for a potentially great finale, and with JJ Abrams back at the helm it should not disappoint. Here's hoping.


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