A Quiet Place

John Krasinski’s directorial debut had so much potential with its concept and Emily Blunt as the lead, but unfortunately the outcome was a moderately tensed monster-thriller/horror wannabe that was riddled with plot holes, contrivances and questions. Krasinski’s direction was amateurishly competent, the screenplay lacked intelligence and logic, and even the score failed to heighten the tension. 

The core concept was exciting, albeit not the most original, but if only more thought had gone into the plot. There were glimpses of what the film could have been. For one the opening prologue was effective in setting the story and it was a smart choice by Krasinski to begin in media res. Also, the middle of the second act could have taken a left turn but instead it was just a brief detour and then back into the expected and typical. What a pity. And annoyingly so.

Blunt was absolutely wasted and although the promotional materials put her front and centre, she was not and director/husband Krasinski decided that actor Krasinski should be the focus. Sadly, he ain’t in the same calibre as his wife. And the theme of parental love and sacrifice was wasted by laying more so on his shoulders than hers. 

However, at least Krasinski made the right choice to cast deaf actress Millicent Simmonds as the daughter and she was a bright spark although her character was such a cliche. Young Noah Jupe continues to impress, but here he has less of a showcase than in “Suburbicon” and “Wonder”. 

But, at least kudos to the ending, which not only ended as it started, in media res, but also gave us a final glimpse of what the film could have been. 


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