Jack Reacher [Dig]

A competent thriller that served as a launching pad for Tom Cruise's new franchise. A good whodunit that keeps one guessing but does not really answer the why. If not for the Newtown massacre, the chances are quite high for a sequel. But overseas takings should be high enough to potentially generate interest in a sequel. Cruise is easily charismatic in this show but his presence is lacking a certain amount of authority and danger. Rosamund Pike is not very convincing in her role and her chemistry with Cruise is barely present. Thankfully there's Robert Duvall to save the day. Also, the first scene was very well done, but sadly the rest of the movie was mediocre only. Having not read the books by Lee Child, I believe this story would have been better as a novel than what was translated on the screen which dragged on a bit longer than needed.


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